Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hogan High Sunday

We are renting Hogan High school for our sunday morning services, one sunday a month until January 2010. Then we will have all of our sunday morning services their. Our building is very old and musty and the roof leaks, and is really small. We are acting on faith that God will fill that building. Its not easy! But God never promised us "easy". He did, however, promise that if we believe without wavering, we shall receive. So, thats what we are doing. And we know that God will honor our faith. We have no money, we have only a handful of people, we aren't successful or beautiful in the eyes of the world. But we do have Faith in our God who will do what He says He will do according to His Word. So we keep our eyes on the prize set before us which is eternity in Heaven with Jesus Christ and God the Father, and we keep traveling down the road He has given us to travel. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all He brings down our path, loving them and doing good to everyone in Jesus Name. Teaching, sharing, caring, loving, helping. Until one day we arrive safely at Home.

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